The band was a major project and commitment of time and energy over 6 years with our vision at hand – sometimes exhausting but rewarding. UP went through a number of members before settling on two definitive line-ups. The band performed many live shows and produced many recordings, videos, films, photographs and releases.
Soundtracks were composed and recorded for Swinburne student films and independent filmmakers. UP disbanded as a live band and permanent line up in May 1990. I saw the transition out posthumously with a solo studio album (Made in a Frame) of completed and unfinished UP songs and recordings with past band members and guest players.
Incredibly, in 1998 a fictionalised account of the band and our lives:
The Unexpected Salami was written by New York author Laurie Shapiro with her partner Paul O’Leary then published and released in USA, UK, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.  A film script was developed and the screen rights were sold.

Discography and Recordings
1989 Facts and Fiction EP
Recorded and Mixed at Paul OLeary’s home studio in Elsternwick.

1989 For The Centuries Ahead Album
Tracking done at Paul O’Leary’s home studio in Elsternwick.
Final Tracking, Vocals and Mixing at Greg Ham’s Curtain Street Studios in Melbourne.
Engineered and Produced by Angus Davidson.