So Tired (What a Year It’s Been!)

Conceived in a semi-dream state, So Tired has allowed John to explore musical forms from a deeper place in his subconscious. The result is an uplifting, hypnotic piece that weaves together electronica, spoken word, humour and guitar improvisations.

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New Frontier

Back from a desert road trip to Broken Hill and beyond – found the time and inspiration to revisit and finish editing a music clip that was shot many years ago for my song New Frontier. Was wonderful to see how well the 16mm footage held up and how it reveals the spirit of the landscape.

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Put The Past Behind You

In the spirit of that universal yearning for renewal Put The Past Behind You is the new single from John Phillips.

It is a song to suit the times, with a strong yet melodic chorus that will reverberate for days with its message to put the past behind you. The song builds powerfully to an uplifting resolution and has the threads of rock and country influences running through its veins.

Put The Past Behind You was produced and recorded by David Williams in his Daylesford studio.
He has worked extensively producing and engineering music for film ie. Shine soundtrack, and for artists
ie. Weddings, Parties, Anything and Mondo Rock.

The recording features performances by John Phillips on lead vocals and guitar, Peter Rowland on guitar and bass, Al Stanley on drums, David Williams on keyboards and backing vocalists include Jenny Brown, Nel Staite and Sally Harvey.

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